Interpret - Herkunft/Jahr Songs  
Adriano Celentano (It-1967) Una fiesta sui prati 1
Albert Hammond (GB/USA-1973) It`s never rains in southern California 2
Archies (USA-1969) Sugar Sugar (j) 3
Barclay James Harvest (GB-1977) The Hymn 4
Baseballs (GER–2009 – Orig. Katy Perry) Hot n cold 5
Beach Boys (USA-1966) Barbara Ann (j) 6
Bee Gees (AUS-1970) I.O.I.O. (df) 7
Beatles (GB-1964) And I love her 8
Beatles (GB-1964) Can`t buy me love (rnr) 9
Beatles (GB-1969) Come together (f) 10
Beatles (GB-1965) Dizzy Miss Lissy (j) 11
Beatles (GB-1964) Eight days a week 12
Beatles (GB-1965) Help (f) 13
Beatles (GB-1968) Hey Jude 14
Beatles (GB-1964) I should have known better (f) 15
Beatles (GB-1963) I wanna be your man 16
Beatles (GB-1964 – Roy Lee Jackson) Mr. Moonlight (f) 17
Beatles (GB-1965) Norwegian wood (This bird has flown) (ww) 18
Beatles (GB-1957 – Chuck Berry/USA) Rock and Roll Musik (rnr) 19
Beatles (GB-1962) She loves you (j) 20
Beatles (GB-1958 – Chuck Berry/USA) Sweet little sixteen (rnr) 21
Beatles (GB-1963 - Robert William) Taste of Honey (lw) 22
Beatles (GB-1969) The Ballad of John and Yoko (j) 23
Beatles (GB-1965) Ticket to ride 24
Beatles (GB-1963 – Phil Spector) To know her is to love her (bl) 25
Beatles (GB-1962 – Isley Brothers) Twist and shout (j) 26
Beatles (GB-1970) Two of us (df) 27
Beatles (GB-1968) Yellow Submarine 28
Beatles (GB-1965) You`ve got to hide your love away (ww) 29
Beatles (The Quarrymen - GB-1958) In spite of all the danger 30
Bellamy Brothers (USA-1984) I need more of you 31
Bellamy Brothers (USA-1979) If I said you have a beautiful body 32
Bill Haley (USA-1955) Rock around the clock (rnr) 33
Bill Haley (USA-1956) See you later aligator (j) 34
Bill Ray Cyrus (USA-1992) Achy Breaky heart (achy breaky) 35
Bob Dylan (USA-1973) Knockin on heavens door (bl) 36
Bobby Darin (USA-1959) Dream Lover (f) 37
Bobby Vee (USA-1961) Take good care of my baby (f) 38
Booker T. & the MG`s (USA-1969) Time is Tide (j) 39
Boppers (SWE-1957 – E. Brothers/USA) Wake up little Susie (rnr) 40
Brian Hyland (USA-1962) Ginny come lately (bl) 41
Bruce Channel (USA-1964) Hey! Baby (j) 42
Buddy Holly & The Crickets (USA-1959) Heartbeat (f) 43
Buddy Holly & The Crickets (USA-1957) Peggy sue (rnr) 44
Buddy Holly & The Crickets (USA-1958) Rave on (rnr) 45
Byrds (USA-1965) Mr. Tambourine Man (df) 46
Cascades (USA-1963) Rhythm of the rain (bl) 47
Casey Jones & The Governors (GB-1965) Don`t ha ha 48
Cats (NL-1971) One way wind 49
Cats (NL-1972) Let`s dance   50
CCR (USA-1969) Bad moon rising (rnr) 51
CCR (USA-1969) Down on the corner (f) 52
CCR (USA-1971) Have you ever seen the rain (f) 53
CCR (USA-1971) He Tonight (j) 54
CCR (USA-1961 – Ricky Nelson/USA) Hello Mary lou (f) 55
CCR (USA-1969) Midnight special (j) 56
CCR (USA-1969) Proud Mary (j) 57
CCR (USA-1969) Fortunate son (j) 58
CCR (USA-1970) Who' ll stop the rain (f) 59
Chris Andrews (GB-1969) Pretty Belinda 60
Chris Montez (USA/Mex-1962) Let`s dance (tw) 61
Christie (GB-1970) Yellow river 62
Chubby Checker (USA-1963) Do the Hucklebuck (rnr) 63
Cliff Richard (GB-1968) Congratulation (f) 64
Daniel Boone (GB-1972) Beautiful Sunday 65
Danny and the Juniors (USA-1958) At the Hop (rnr) 66
Dave Clark five (GB-1964) Do you love me (j) 67
Dion (USA-1962) The wanderer (wand) 68
Dion and the Belmonts (USA-1959) Teenager in Love (j) 69
Dire Straits (GB-1985) A walk of life 70
Don Williams (USA-1977) Some broken hearts never mend 71
Duane Eddy (USA-1958) Rebel Rauser (rnr) 72
Eddie Cochran (USA-1958) C`mon everybody (rnr) 73
Eddie Cochran (USA-1958) The summertime blues (rnr) 74
Eddie Cochran (USA-1960) Three steps to heaven (f) 75
Engelbert Humperdinck (GB-1967) The Last Waltz (lw) 76
Everly Brothers (USA-1958) All I have to do is dream (bl) 77
Everly Brothers (USA-1957) Bye bye Love (f) 78
Elvis Presley (USA-1960) Are you lonesome tonight 79
Elvis Presley (USA-1956) Don`t be cruel (rnr) 80
Elvis Presley (USA-1962) Good luck charm (j) 81
Elvis Presley (USA-1956) Hound dog (rnr) 82
Elvis Presley (USA-1961) Kiss me quick 83
Elvis Presley (USA-1958) One night with you (bl) 84
Elvis Presley (USA-1962) Return to sender (j) 85
Elvis Presley (USA-1960) The Girl of my best friend (f) 86
Elvis Presley (USA-1970) There goes my everything 87
Elvis Presley (USA-1963) You`re the devil in disguise (j) 88
Equals (GB-1966) Baby come back (j) 89
Eric Burdon & The Animals (GB-1964) The House of rising sun (bl) 90
Fabrizio de Andre (I-1978) Andrea (ru) 91
Fats Domino (USA-1956) Blue berry hill 92
Gene Vincent (USA-1956) Be bob a lula (j) 93
Herman`s Hermits (GB-1966) No milk today (f) 94
James Lloyd (GB-1970) Keep on smiling 95
J.J.Cale (USA-1976) Cocaine (f) 96
John Denver (USA-1971) Take me home country roads 97
John Lennon (GB-1975 – Ben E. King/USA) Stand by me (bl) 98
Johnny Cash (USA-1963) Ring of Fire 99
Johnny & The Hurricans (USA-1959) Red river rock (j) 100
Johnny Rivers (USA-1964) Memphis Tennessee (boo) 101
Kinks (GB-1966) Dandy (f) 102
Kinks (GB-1966) Dedicated follower of fashion (rnr) 103
Lobo (USA-1971) Me and you and a dog named boo 104
Lords (GER-1965) Poor Boy (f) 105
Manfred Mann (SÜDARFIKA-1964) Do wah diddy diddy (j) 106
Monkees (USA-1967) I`m a believer (j) 107
McCoys (AUS-1965) Hang on Sloopy (be) 108
Neil Diamond (USA-1969) Sweet Caroline 109
Neil Sedaka (USA-1959) Oh Carol (f) 110
Ohio Express (USA-1968) Yummy Yummy (j) 111
Pat Boone (USA-1962) Speedy Gonzales (j) 112
Paul Anka (USA-1957) Diana (j) 113
Paul Anka (USA-1959) Lonely boy (f) 114
Peppino di Capri (I-1962) St. Tropez Twist (tw) 115
Percy Sledge (USA- 1967) My special prayer 116
Peter Kent (BRD-1980) It`s a real good feeling (df) 117
Peter, Paul, Mary (USA-1963 – Bobby Bare) Five hundred miles 118
Polnareff Michel (F-1966) La Poupee qui fait non (f) 119
Rainbows (GER-1966) My baby baby balla balla (j) 120
Ritchie Valens (USA-1959) Come on let`s go (j) 121
Ritchie Valens (USA-1958) La Bamba 122
Ritchie Valens (USA-1959) Oh Donna (bl) 123
Rock-a-Teens (USA-1959) Woo Hoo 124
Rolling Stones (GB-1968) Jumpin` Jack flash 125
Rolling Stones (GB-1965) Last time (j) 126
Rolling Stones (GB-1965) Satisfaction (ch) 127
Roy Orbison (USA-1989) California blue 128
Roy Orbison (USA-1964) Pretty woman (j) 129
Sam the Sham & the Pharaos (USA-1965) Wooly Booly (rnr) 130
Scott Mckenzie (USA-1967) San Francisco (f) 131
Seachers (GB-1963) Sweets for my sweet (j) 132
Shadows (GB-1962) All day (f) 133
Shadows (GB-1960) Apache (f) 134
Shadows (GB-1962) Dance on 135
Shadows (GB-1960) F.B.I. (j) 136
Shadows (GB-1962) Guitar Tango (T) 137
Sinatra Nancy and Frank (USA-1966) Somethin` stupid 138
Smokie (GB-1976) Living next door to Alice 139
Smokie (GB-1978) Mexican girl 140
Spencer Davis Group (GB-1965) Keep on running () 141
Spotnicks (SWE-1963) Johnny Guitar (f) 142
Status Quo (GB-1970) In my chair (f) 143
Status Quo (GB-1996) Walk in the room 144
Surfaris (USA-1963) Wipe out (tw) 145
Swinging blue Jeans (GB-1958 – Little R.) Good golly miss molly (j) 146
Swinging blue Jeans (GB-1963) Hippy hippy Shake (rnr) 147
T.Rex (GB-1971) Hot Love (j) 148
Tokens (USA-1961) The Lion sleeps tonight (f) 149
Tommy James and Shondells (USA-1966) Hanky Panky (j) 150
Tommy Roe (USA-1962) Sheila (j) 151
Tony Christie (GB- 1971) Is this the way to Amarillo 152
Tony Sheridan (GB- 1964) Skinny Minnie 153
Troggs (GB-1968) Love is all around (bl) 154
Troggs (GB-1965) Wild Thing (f) 155
Troggs (GB-1966) With a girl like you () 156
Uriah Heep (GB-1970) Lady in black (f) 157
Vanity Fare (GB-1969) Hitchin`a ride (f) 158
Vanity Fare (GB-1972) Rock and Roll is back (j) 159
Wanda Jackson (USA-1960) Let`s have a party (j) 160
Young John Paul (GB-1978) Love is in the air 161
Andreas Gabalier (AUT-2015) Hulapalu 162
Bambis (AUT-1966) Es war ein Sommertraum (bl) 163
Bambis (AUT-1969) Gina 164
Bambis (AUT-1965) Melancholie (bl) 165
Bambis (AUT-1965) Nur ein Bild von Dir (bl) 166
Benny (BRD-1976) Amigo Charlie Brown 167
Black Fööss (Stawaways) (BRD-1973) Wickie (und die starken Männer) 168
Cliff Richard & The Shadows (GB-1963) Rote Lippen soll man küssen (j) 169
Costa Cordales (BRD-1976) Anita 170
Die Alpenrebellen (A-1996) Rock mi 171
Die fidelen Mölltaler (A-2007 gecovert) Eine Herde weißer Schafe 172
Die fidelen Mölltaler (A-1979) Warum nur 173
Doris Day (USA-1956) Que sera sera (whatever will be, will be) (ww) 174
Drafi Deutscher + his Magics (GER-1965) Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht (f) 175
Flippers (GER-1970) Shalala I love you 176
Flippers (GER-1969) Weine nicht kleine Eva 177
Hazy Osterwald (CH- 1959) Kriminal-Tango 178
HMBC (A-2010) vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou 179
Horst Chmela (A-1991) Her mit meinen Hennen 180
John Lennon (GB-1971) Happy Xmas (war is over) 181
Jürgen Drews (BRD-1976) Ein Bett im Kornfeld 182
Jürgen Marcus (BRD-1972) Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben 183
Jose Feliciano (ARG-1970) Feliz Navidad 184
Michael Holm (BRD-1970) Auf der Straße nach Mendocino 185
Michael Holm (BRD-1977) Lucille 186
Nik P. (A-2007) Ein Stern der deinen Namen trägt 187
Nilson Brothers (GER-1965) Aber dich gibt`s nur einmal für mich (bl) 188
Opus (A-1984) Live is Life 189
Rex Gildo (GER-1972) Fiesta Mexicana 190
Roland W. (GER-1967) Monja (bl) 191
Roland Kaiser (GER-1984) Joana 192
Saragossaband (GER-1977) Big Bamboo 193
Seiler und Speer (A-2016) Ham kummst 194
Zillertaler Schürtzenjäger (A-1990) Logo Logo 195
Zillertaler Schürtzenjäger (A-1987) Sierra Madre 196
Zillertaler Schürtzenjäger (A-1981) War es ein Traum (lw) 197
STS (AUT-1989) Gö, du bleibst heut` Nacht bei mir 198
STS (AUT-1984) Fürstenfeld 199
Wolfgang Petry (GER-1998) Wahnsinn 200

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